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From a young age, Mark always found expression through creativity. Strumming guitars or covered in paint, his craft-orientated approach initially led him to working in events, developing his keen interest in stage design. 


With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Brand Management and a growing  interest in spatial curation, he began to explore the world of set design, forging his interest in the aesthetic relationship between spaces, storytelling and artistic expression. 


While it was in Cape Town that he first developed his love for film and the fast-paced life of the industry, it was during the

2 years working in New York and Los Angeles that he really began to cultivate his passion. 


Returning home in 2016, Mark began art directing and set designing his own video and stills campaigns for international brands such as Adidas, Lacoste, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, All Saints and more.

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